Welcome to ColinDavey.com!

The mission of ColinDavey.com is to host web-sites based on the interests, research, and projects of myself, Colin Davey.

Currently, ColinDavey.com is only hosting one web-site: Boogie Woogie Press. The mission of Boogie Woogie Press is to honor the boogie woogie piano artistry of Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, and Meade Lux Lewis. At this site, you can enjoy free articles about the history of boogie woogie piano. You can also learn about, and order, the book Learn Boogie Woogie Piano by Colin Davey and Frank Poloney. Learn Boogie Woogie Piano teaches you how to play in the boogie woogie style. It has been endorsed by the world's top boogie woogie, blues, and jazz performers and authorities.

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