Our mission is to honor the boogie woogie piano artistry of Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, and Meade Lux Lewis.

Albert Ammons
Albert Ammons
Sept 23, 1907 to
Dec 2, 1949
  • Boogie Woogie Stomp
  • Monday Struggle
  • Shout for Joy
Pete Johnson
Pete Johnson
March 24, 1904 to
March 23, 1967
  • Roll 'em Pete
  • Dive Bomber
  • Blues on the Downbeat
Meade Lux Lewis
Meade Lux Lewis
Sept 4 or 13, 1905 to
June 7, 1964
  • Honky Tonk Train
  • Lux's Boogie
  • Yancey Special

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"...a very practical book, using the approach that I imagine the founders of the blues piano style probably used as they taught one another how to play boogie woogie... I congratulate you on a fine teaching manual."
- Aaron Blumenfeld, author of The Blues, Boogie and Barrelhouse Piano Workbook and How to Play Blues and Boogie Piano Styles

"Learn Boogie Woogie Piano will drop-kick you into playing this vital eight-to-the-bar piano blues music better than anything else I can think of. The basic forms, structures, and licks of the great boogie woogie practitioners are presented in a concise, easy-to-follow way guaranteed to get you playing with steam-drill power and confidence in short order... a must for all piano playing boogie woogie enthusiasts looking for a road map and a guide to the territory."
- Jeff Gutcheon, composer, arranger, pianist and author of Improvising Rock Piano

"If boogie woogie is back (and I think it never really went away), this is the book to study. Messrs. Davey and Poloney know the genre in all its exciting styles."
- Dick Hyman, pianist, composer, and artist in Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano on CD-ROM

"Well thought out, and carefully presented."
- Eric Kriss, author of Six Blues Roots Pianists and Barrelhouse and Boogie Piano

"A great job! ...A wonderful job! You did your homework. You told the truth in there."
- Jay McShann, jazz, boogie woogie, and blues grandmaster

"This has it all. Anybody interested in the boogie woogie style can find it here."
- Max Morath, The Ragtime Man, performer and creator of the one man show A Ragtime Life

"This is the book to have. There's no better place to start. For the first time ever, a book containing accurately transcribed phrases of the playing of the Boogie Woogie Trio. I certainly wish I had this 40 years ago!"
- Christopher I. Page, author of Boogie Woogie Stomp, Albert Ammons & his Music

"A fine analysis of the boogie woogie form, plus musical devices that help create the excitement of the music. Put aside a weekend with this book. Once you open it, you can't stop!"
- Bob Seeley, internationally renowned boogie woogie performer, and personal friend of Meade Lux Lewis

"The authors of Learn Boogie Woogie Piano are to be congratulated on writing a piano tutor that will plug a significant gap for both beginning and experienced pianists who wish to become proficient in the style."
- Peter J. Silvester, author of A Left Hand Like God, A History of Boogie-Woogie Piano

"Here is a real boogie woogie primer, a no-nonsense, clearly written and well-organized guide that gets you playing right away."
- Butch Thompson, jazz pianist, clarinetist and historian

"Congratulations, this book contains very useful instructions for the basics of the Boogie Woogie piano style, namely of the Ammons/Lewis/Johnson variety."
- Axel Zwingenberger, leading boogie woogie performer and authority