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About the Boogie Woogie Press Sheet Music Library

The mission of the Boogie Woogie Press Sheet Music Library is to provide note-for-note transcriptions of the most important boogie woogie recordings. To ensure accuracy, we painstakingly study the recordings using sophisticated software for slowing down and analyzing them. We also consult with the world's top authorities.

You can use these transcriptions for many purposes. To replicate the original performances, play them as written, supplemented by listening to the recordings for the feel. You can also use them as the basis for creating your own arrangements of these compositions, simplifying and customizing to taste. You can also mine them for phrases, choruses, concepts, and exercises for improving your boogie woogie playing, improvisation, and composition.

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Panel of Advisors

Boogie Woogie Press is grateful to the following individuals. Each of them contributed greatly to the quality and success of the Boogie Woogie Sheet Music Library.