One of the missions of Boogie Woogie Press is to educate the public about the history of boogie woogie piano and the Boogie Woogie Trio. In that spirit, please enjoy these articles.

New, November 2020, Special Focus on Meade Lux Lewis, with contributions by Michael Hortig, Seaton Blanco, with strong active support by Konrad Nowakowski and Axel Zwingenberger!

Also, please see the Special Boogie Woogie Revival Section including an interview with Axel Zwingenberger and articles by Charlie Booty and Paul Martin!

Boogie Woogie, From Barrelhouse to Carnegie Hall by Colin Davey - This article originally appeared in the program book of the August, 1998 Oregon Festival of American Music. The topic of the two-week festival was Rags, Jazz, Blues & Boogie Woogie. Colin gave the Boogie Woogie presentation for the festival at Eugene's Hult Center.

An Interview with Jay McShann - In this 1998 interview, Jay McShann discusses with Colin Davey how he developed his boogie woogie style in Kansas City, including the influence of Pete Johnson.

My Man, Pete Johnson by Marge Johnson - The Pete Johnson Story was the first published boogie woogie history or biography. This article is the first chapter of The Pete Johnson Story. It originally appeared in the magazine, Jazz Report (the April, May and June issues from 1962)...

Northeast Ohio Jazz Society Publishes Boogie Woogie Stomp about Albert Ammons by Jim Prohaska - Review of Christopher I. Page's 1997 Boogie Woogie Stomp-Albert Ammons & His Music. Unfortunately this lavishly illustrated classic book of boogie woogie history is out of print.

Meade Lux Lewis' Honky Tonk Train: 1927-1961 by Colin Davey - The history of Honky Tonk Train is a microcosm of the history of boogie woogie piano. It was originally recorded the year before the recording of Pinetop's Boogie Woogie... What follows is a list of all known recordings, by Meade Lux Lewis, of Honky Tonk Train.

Boogie Woogie by William Russell - Until the publication of A Left Hand Like God in 1988, this article was the only existing history of boogie woogie piano. It originally appeared appeared in the 1939 book Jazzmen, a compilation of essays edited by Frederic Ramsey, Jr. and Charles E. Smith...

Boogie Woogie Dream: A Synopsis by Colin Davey - The short film, Boogie Woogie Dream, released in 1944, contains the only known footage of Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson. The title number, Boogie Woogie Dream, is one of the hottest boogie woogies ever recorded. This article provides a brief summary of the plot, and also includes the credits.

A Few Historical Remarks on Boogie Woogie Dream by Konrad Nowakowski - Konrad Nowakowski is on the cutting edge of boogie woogie research. By day, a judge in the Austrian legal system, he prepares his boogie woogie research with the precision of a legal brief. This article originally appeared in the liner notes of the CD Pete Johnson - Radio Broadcasts, Film Soundtracks, Alternate Takes - 1939-1947 (Document, DOCD-1009).

Special Focus on Meade Lux Lewis

New November 2020. Boogie Woogie Press is delighted to present these articles on Meade Lux Lewis! Thanks so much to Meade Lux Lewis authority Michael Hortig for providing articles and photos, to Seaton Blanco for providing the reel-to-reel tapes of the unissued 1960 Meade Lux Lewis Party Tapes, and to Konrad Nowakowski and Axel Zwingenberger for their strong and active support!

The Unissued 1960 Meade Lux Lewis Party Tapes by Colin Davey - In 1960, a small group of friends and fans of Meade Lux Lewis hosted numerous gatherings where Meade held forth at the piano. What made several of these gatherings remarkable is that Mike Payette recorded the proceedings with his reel-to-reel tape deck.

Meade Lux Lewis, a Life in Pictures: The Hortig Archives

Tell My Story: The Life and the Music of Meade Lux Lewis, Celebrating His 100th Birthday by Michael Hortig - A shorter version of this article first appeared in Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth, issue #201, August 2005.

Meade's Last Ride: A look on the later career of Meade Lux Lewis by Michael Hortig - This article first appeared in Frogs Annual #4, 2015.