To Order with Check or Money Order:

1.Click here for PDF order form.
2.Print the order form.
3.Fill out Product Information portion of order form (Qty and Qty x Price of desired items).
4.Select applicable shipping and handling amount and enter it into the order form.
Shipping and Handling
Quantity U.S. Canada Non-Canadian International
1 $5.35 $6.60 $12.20
2 $5.85 $7.10 $12.70
3 $6.35 $7.60 $13.20
4 $6.85 $8.10 $13.70
5 $7.35 $8.60 $14.20
+ $0.50 per additional item...
5.Calculate the total charge, and enter it at the end of the order form.
6.Prepare check or money order.
7.Fill out the Customer Information portion of the order form.
8.Mail order form and check/money order to:
Boogie Woogie Press
3480 Danna Court
Eugene, OR 97405